On the return trip I decided to get off at Bethnal Green which is the first stop outside Liverpool St as I wanted to get some shote of it coming up the bank on the return trip.

it is seen above departing Bethanl Green on its way to Liverpool St

At Enfield Town there was a lot more space for people to spread out and get decent photos before the trip back into London

London Overground's last 315's

On arrival at Liverpool St we didn't have long but it was enough time to get shots this time without heads in the way and before we knew it we were off heading up to Enfield Town.

The London end with 807 leading at Chingford

As I had a day off work I decided to travel on it so I had to travel across London to see it arriving at Chingford just in time to see it coming out of the siding.

There were a few enthusiasts there but in the tight space I think most people got shots with heads in them, I must apologise now if my head is in anyones photos

That was the last trip of a London Overground liveried unit, at the time of writing TFL Rail still have some running on the Liverpool St to Shenfield route, a couple of which I managed to get shots of later on.

I found out about the trip through the 315 Preservation Society  who are trying to preserve a unit and keep it on the main line, they are desperately fund raising at the moment so please give them a bit of help.

Go to either their WEBSITE or Facebook Page

The 315's were the mainstay of the North London lines since 1980 and after 40 years are being withdrawn.

Half the fleet ended up being split between London Overground and TFL Rail who are bringing in new trains to replace the 315's

The units are often mistaken to the dual voltage 313's or the third rail 508's and were also very similar to the Scottish 314's .

On the 20th October 2020 London Overground bid farewell to their last pair of units 515802 & 3158078, with a low key run but the enthusiasts got wind of this and made the day something special.

it was diagrammed to do a couple of trips, these are

5T59,  11:30 Chingford County End Sidings-Chingford

2T59,  12:25, Chingford- Liverpool St

2U42, 13:00, Liverpool St-Enfield Town

2U47, 13,52, Enfield Town- Liverpool St

2T28, 14:33, Liverpool St- Chingford

3Z15, 15:30 Chingford-Chingford County End Sidings.

The above photo shows the train being lead by 315802 coming out of the siding into Chingford platform