These are just some of the EMU's which have been saved I dont want this to be used as a definitive guide but its just a way of sharing some of the images i have taken over the years

Words and Images by Amy Adams 

Like the 2BIL the surviving 4SUB was retained by BR for special occasions.

it is seen above at Basingstoke in 1986 where it is coupled up to the 2BIL.

It now resides at the electric railway museum in Coventry where a start has been made on painting it back into BR Blue

the SEG's final unit is vehicle 11201, this is on static display at the Bluebell Railway

One gem at the NRM is the 3SUB , these units were really the units people think of when they see a 2BIL, also many model makers will be familiar of this unit as its what Tri-ang used as a base for the EMU they produced in the 60's


Motor Car 91 was preserved at the North Norfolk Railway and is now currently being rebuilt as part of the project.

The Southern Electric Group (SEG) has saved a number of 4Cor Vehicles the shot above is motor car 11161

Below is 11187 both these vehicles along with the centre cars are located at the East Kent Railway

There was only 3 Belle units built and all were saved, sadly one vehicle was destroyed on the Nene Valley Railway by an arson attack some years back. Some of the vehicles have become part of the the Orient Express with others stored away from public sight.

There is currently a project to rebuild a 5 car unit for the main line and the above shot is destined for the project, this is Car 88 which was restored externally at the Bluebell Railway and used to launch the project

Many passengers on the East Coast Mail Line would have seen Doris as they passed through Finsbury Park, this vehicle has since become part of the Belle project 

to see more of the project go to the Brighton Belle Website 

We also have some film of the Belle on out YouTube Site

The 4COR

5Bel, The Brighton Belle

Preserved EMU's

​Southern Railway

Many people ask what an EMU is well we have come to two possible conclusions, they are either 'self shunting coaches' or 'Engineless Thumpers' well let you decide which one.

After seeing the vast amount which was built over the years there isn't that many preserved so I have put together an article with the images of the preserved stock I have seen

A few of 4COR vehicles have survived, the National Railway Museum saved the motor car from 3131


The last 2BIL was retained by British Rail for many years for special trains and used for many years, it is seen above entering Cannon St for the open day in 1986 along with 455.

Below is a view of it today, it is part of the NRM and has been restored to early BR Livery at Shildon