The other unit to survive is 311103.

This was a former sandite unit and is seen just after preservation at Summerlee Heritage Park.

Sadly not long after preservation it was found to be way too big for the site and one of the driving trailers was scrapped.

The unit was later painted in plain blue and the windows plated over and it was left to rot until a small group started working int in 2017

For me that was the end of the 303's in service, this shot at Glasgow Central says it all

Another 303/318 combination is 303070 & 318255

I visited Glasgow for the first time in 1999 where there were still a few units left in service, so I took as many shots as possible so here's a few of them

303011 is seen at entering Queen St Low Level station, I thought it was a bit too gloomy down there to get a shot but I got a reasonable shot

This is a series of shots of 303065 leaving Glasgow Central

When the units were scrapped they were sent all over the country and 303024 ended up at the MOD Base in Sheburyness in Essex. I managed to get these shots with a long lens through the fence

Last days of the Glasgow Blue Trains

303025 catching the sun under the impressive roof at Glasgow Central

303034 is seen in a poor shot leaving Queen St Low Level.

The reason I added this shot is the driving trailer was unique in the later years as it retained its original windows and had never been updated to the later hopper type

The Scottish Railway Preservation Society at Bo'ness has saved a unit and it is still in the condition it last ran.

When they saved it they got the best of the surviving vehicles so the driving trailers from 303032 and the centre motor car from 303023 was saved.

032 remains in the Strathclyde Black and Orange but the motor car from 23 is in the later SPY Livery which only a few units carried


303045 is along side 318267, The 303's may have gone but the 318's are still sobering on but they are now due to go in the next few years

The Blue Trains were synonymous to the Glasgow area, Introduced in 1959 were considered to be some of the most modern trains in the country. 

Built as 3 car units based on Mk1rolling stock the units also had sliding doors which made along with the 306/506 units were a unique design.

The Blue trains consisted of two Classes, The 303 introduced between 1959 & 1961 which consisted of 91 units and  virtually identical 311, introduced in 1960 and consisted of 19 units.

I won't go into the finer details as all the info I'd put in would be from Wikipedia and the pages about the two classes are very detailed

The two bottom pic's are the of the vehicle which is now scrapped.

There is also a another Driving Trailer from 303013 surviving which is at a Police training centre in Gravesensend in Kent, but sadly its impossible to get access to it