FIRST THUMPING RUNNING DAY OF THE YEAR AND 'NOT THE LAST THUMP '– MID-HANTS RAILWAY – SUNDAY 4th MAY 2014   Mid April saw Amy Adams give the call out to myself and Chris Cannon that she was off sick from work and was not in a position to get the 'Not The Last Thump' headboard sorted, could either of us help her out.  As the first event was to be held at the Mid-Hants Railway with 1125 thought it rested with me to get the headboard made.   I opted to go down the path of getting Vinyl lettering as a year or two ago had some new vinyls made for a boat made which was surprised at the price and knew the result would be far better than I could attempt to sign write.  I knew I had various bits of wood and ply in the shed so thought what would be the ideal size for the headboard.  The factors kept in mind was that as Amy wanted it to be on all units this year at their events and knowing how she likes to use the railways to get to different railways where possible (Priv ticket may have something to do with it), thought it had to be small enough and light enough for her to carry long distances without attracting too much attention to herself.  But robust enough to handle being put on and off the bracket of the unit(s).  A3 size using Plyboard with a metal bracket on the back was chosen.  The order for the vinyls was placed the same time as for the two sets of 1125 and 2H.
Waynes headboards sitting proudly on the front of 1125
Then end of April Saw the May Guards Roster for the railway published including the turns that were at that time Vacant,  Seeing that the Unit had not got a Guard for the day and being a passed guard, notified Rosters that although I had intended to travel on the cushions for the day I was happy to pick up the turn so it at least ran.     The passenger accommodation was checked over the day before the running day with the water tanks in the trailer coach filled so the toilets could be used during service. This reduced the prep time in the morning.    When most of the passengers for the first departure arrived at Alresford on Sunday 4th May, Unit 1125 was waiting the Winchester end of the station at the signal protecting the station.  It was not being held there for the purpose of a dramatic entrance to the station but this was due to an Occupation being in force which prevented the unit entering the station.  Permission was obtained and the unit was allowed into the station for loading, once the Occupation was surrendered at Ropley the first trip was allowed to depart albeit slightly late.  Forty eight (48) passengers were on the first departure from Alresford. Prior to departure a Travelling Ticket Inspector passed through the train checking tickets in case anyone missed the ticket office.  Thankfully everyone had purchased a ticket from the booking hall, showing their honesty and forward thinking/planning.
1125 is seen departing the sidings resplendent with both headboards about to start the first trip of the day   Passenger numbers were good on the unit during the day.  Although the additional earlier round trip was only finalised a few days before the event, numbers for this trip made it all worth while.  Passenger averages for the day are as follows:  
First Up: 45   First Dn: 43   
Second Up: 52    Second Dn: 60   
​Third Up: 26    Third Dn: 23
Wayne is seen checking the platform from the guards van as the train departs Ropley for Alton on the first run of the dayThe unit carried 2 headboards during the day, 'Not The Last Thump' and '10 Years on the Mid-Hants Railway' marking the 10 years unit 1125 has been on the railway, arriving under its own power on the mainline and handed over at Platform 2, Alton Station on 18th May 2004.  One reason why the anniversary was not being formally marked on the actual anniversary date is that the unit was booked to operate the Ropley-Alresford Shuttle during the 'Watercress Festival' where an intense service is worked by the railway where 3 service trains operate the length of the line and in addition the DEMU works the Alresford-Ropley section where turn round times can be 90 seconds.  So meant 1125 would not travel to Alton.
Wayne (in the orange vest) along with some other members of the 1125 support team at Arlesford at the end of the day.
​ Many thanks goes to all those who attended the running day and helped us mark the anniversary running and the first event of 'Not The Last Thump' along with the volunteers that also made it possible.  Thank you   Wayne Addy
Not The Last Thump 1125 on the Mid Hants Railway The Guards Story By Wayne Addy