The Unit carried two headboards, one was to celebrate 10 years on the line which it will also carry the next time its out  and the other was out very own Not the Last Thump headboard

Guard Wayne Addy puts the headboards on the trailer or yellow end as it is now known

On the first trip I jumped off at Ropley to have a look at the steamers in the yard, so it is seen leaving en route to Arlesford.

Alton Station with just our Not The Last Thump headboard on

Ready for the return at Alton

Waiting for a passing train at Meadstead and Four Marks

Heres a few shots taken on the turn arounds at Arlesford

The 1125 support group.

These are the the guys who keep the unit running and made the day possible, a big thanks goes out to them

After the days events 1125 runs back into her siding at Arlesford

Here are the timings for the day

Alresford 10:10

Ropley (Up) 10:20

M4M (Up) 10:33

Alton 11:13

M4M (Dn) 11:27

Ropley (Dn) 11:39

Alresford 12:10

Ropley (Up) 12:27

M4M (Up) 12:38

Alton 13:15

M4M (Dn) 13:32

Ropley (Dn) 13:43

Alresford 14:10

Ropley (Up) 14:28

M4M (Up) 14:39

Alton 15:14 

M4M (Dn) 15:28

Ropley 15:39 

Alresford Arr 15:47

The Guard for the day was Wayne Addy, and Wayne has done us an account for the day for more click here 

The ironic part of the day was my ticket, as this was the first in a series of Thumper events the ticket I was given at random carried the number of the first Thumper 1001

Not The Last Thump

1125 on the Mid Hants Railway

4th May 2014

The first of the events to celebrate 10 years since the final units were withdrawn from service.

The first trip of the day sees 1125 leaving the sidings at Arlesford running into the station.

When the unit fully berthed itself in the platform many people had a surprise, as the trailer car was now carrying a full yellow end.

This is the first time a 205 has carried this livery in preservation, the only other time we have seen it on a Thumper is on Hastings vehicle 60016 (1012)

This first trip was added to the timetable a few days earlier and as you can see there was a number of people who heard about it.