Wayne Addy who was the Guard on 1125 the day of the celebrations has written an article about the day and the preparations on the unit.

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The first event was held at the Mid Hants Railway featuring 1125 

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The headboard which will be carried by every unit taking part in the events

All information linked to these events has been given to us by the railway concerned in good faith. Every effort will be made to bring you notice of any changes as soon as we are told but please check with the railway concerned before travelling

Not the Last Thump

2014 marked the 10th anniversary of the final withdrawal of the Thumpers.

We celebrated this with the preservation groups who now own/operate them.

​On 27th November 2004 the farewell tour called The Last Thump was run over the Southern Region, so as the units are still Thumping we are called the celebrations "Not the Last Thump"

There was a number of excellent days out and have reports for each event listed below

1125 at the Mid Hant's Railway, 4th May 2014

205205 at the Epping Ongar Railway, 12th July 2014

​1101 at the East Kent Railway, 26th & 27th July 

1302 at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway 9th & 10th August 2014

1133/ 1121 at the Lavender Line 16th & 17 August 2014

​1132 & 1128 at the Dartmoor Railway

1101 at the East Kent Railway 9th November 2014 (One Last Thump)

Other articles about the events.

1125 from the Guards angle

1101 Relaunch

1133 at the Lavender Line

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