The Diesel Gala had a write up in the Dover Times,

I'm glad they managed to get the headboard in

A couple of shots of Eythorn as the Thumper is readied for departure

A long forgotten commuter scene from the 70's

In the sidings at Shepherdswell alongside the EPB

Team 1101

without these guys 1101 wouldn't be running today

big thanks to all of them

The timetable for the weekend, without a doubt it was dominated by 1101

Other vehicles running on the weekend

The DMU's

The Class 108 (above) is on permanent loan from the NRM which was only delivered a few days before the gala

It ran in multiple with the lines Class 101 (below)

The EMU's

The EPB (below left) was used on a number of trips, for power it was top and tailed by diesel shunters

The 4CEP Buffet (below right) was used at Eyethorne as a bar as the weekend was also the beer festival

The Diesel Shunters

The lines Diesel Shunters also saw a lot of use over the weekend with the Ruston 'Army 427' (above right) seen propelling the DMUs into the platform at Shepherdswell.

The 08's were busy too (above) these locos are actually not 08's, they are 09025 in white and yellow and former Dutch Railways locomotive 687 which was repatriated a few years ago.

The lines little Fowler saw use on the little used Wigmore Lane section on Brakevan rides

Sitting in the siding at Shepherdswell with two headboards before its debut run.

The headboards are 'Not the Last Thump' and our very own Preserved Thumpers one

Sitting in the platform at a very rural Shepherdswell station is 1101 being readied for its next departure

Being shunted into the platform at Shepherdswell, the red and white blinds are used to depict that the unit is being shunted and not in passenger service

This so far was the most important event so far in the 'Not the Last Thump' series of events

It was the return to service for 1101 which made a triumphant return to service after being sidelined over 9 years ago

Not The Last Thump

1101/205001 Relaunch at the

East Kent Railway

26th-27 July 2014 as part of the Diesel Gala