The Motor car from 1123 will also be on display

The unrestored Driving Trailer from 1133.

This will be on display but as yet will take some time until it will be at the same standard as the Motor car

1133 will be running with the trailer from 1121.

this is a temporary measure until 1133's trailer will be restored. 

1121 is on loan from the Hastings Diesel Group

The Motor Car from 1133 has been superbly restored with the orange V on the front. 

I have often been asked how I got the dimensions for the 'Not the Last Thump' logo correct, I simply scanned it off this photo.

What else will be happening on the day, well its easier for us to copy what the line have put on their website.

We are very excited to announce that the Lavender Line’s rescheduled Diesel Gala will be taking place on the weekend of 16th and 17th August 2014.
The Lavender Line took the decision at the end of April to reschedule the railways annual Diesel Gala from July 5th and 6th due to a number of reasons.
First and foremost a Diesel Gala is about enjoying as many Diesels the railway has offer under an intensive timetable, three of the railways Diesels are currently not fit for traffic which leaves just two of our shunter diesels in operation for July.
We have moved the Diesel Gala to August so as everyone can enjoy the full range of diesels in action which will include the railways flagship DEMU Thumper unit 1133 which is currently receiving its final coats of Southern Green paint on the power car unit.
The soon to be outshopped Andrew Barclay diesel will also be joining the event, this will be the first intensive Diesel Gala in a number of years for the 0-6-0DM and she is expected to be out for the whole weekend!
Joining the rest of the line up will be our resident 0-6-0DH Ruston Valiant, 0-4-0DM Planet and the Wickham Railbus.
This is set to be a fantastic weekend with plenty of diesel action and of course lots of blue smoke!
There will be a very intensive timetable with Thumper unit 1133, Valiant, Planet and the Wickham Railbus all taking part.
Brake van rides, passenger sets and cab rides are just some of what will greet you over the weekend.Here are some of the Highlights to expect over the Diesel Gala weekend-•
Up to 4 diesels in operation•
Brake van rides•
Thumper unit DEMU 1133 in action•
Newly out shopped 0-4-0DM Andrew Barclay in service•
Intensive timetable•
Early morning departures•
Riley's miniature railway action•
Both Wickham Trollys on display
How about a ride on Riley's miniature railway to finish off the day, there will be a number of different 5 inch gauge locos in operation throughout the weekend with all precedes going to the St Thomas Hospital for children.
​Thumper raffle tickets will also be available on the day for a chance to win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize where all proceeds go to the restoration of the railways Thumper unit 1133.

The line has the superbly restored 1133 Motor Car which is running with the trailer from 1121

Also on display will be the unrestored trailer from 1133 and the Motor Car from 1123

Not the Last Thump

1133 at the Lavender Line

​August 16th & 17th