Finally an unidentified unit which is possible a 6B on what seems to be between Strawberry Hill tunnel and Grove Junction on the up.

A New DEMU outside the Maintainance Shed with and old EMU passing by on a service towards Eastbourne/Brighton, In this Shed the Hastings Units are still maintained to mainline standards (there cannot be many depots today that still maintain the units the Depot was built for)

The New DEMU 1001 Outside the then New Maintainance Shed

DEMU Engine Carrier at West Marina, these wagons were specifically designed to move the 4 SRKT engines from Eastligh to St Leonards.

This vehicle has been saved by the Hastings Diesels Group and now resides at St Leonards

Another 207 which is seen at Oxted is 1312 this time with the motor car leading

Staying at Lewes here we see 6S 1002 entering the station on a Brighton to Ore via Eastbourne working.

The motor cars from unit 1032 are seen running through Ashford station heading towards either Eastligh or Chart Leacon for maintainance.

A Hastings unit is seen heading away from Hastings Station towards the depot at St Leonards

Finally we would like to thank David Markwick for the use of his images and please note that all of Davids images on this page are copyrighted

1014 is seen at Ashford in the days before the area was electrified.

Again at Ashford,1012 is seen on a through service picture taken c1959.

Hastings again but this time with a 2H (Class 205). In the early years of the DEMU's they still had to carry an oil lamp on the rear.

A 6B, 1037 on Up Cannon Street Service at Filsham.

Also note the destination boards on the side of the train. Another feature which didn't last very long.

Staying at Filsham; here we see 1122 with an empty Hastings to Crowhurst working.

1122 again, possibly the same day, this time it is seen on the fast lines at Crowhurst.

Staying with 1012 it is seen on a down service into the staggered platforms at Battle.

1002 at Lewes Station covering Hastings-Brighton service for the electric units which were unable to operate due to Flooding in Lewes Note the water between the tracks.

This image is of 1004 leaving the tunnel at Bo-peep Jcn. The original louvres on the side can easily be seen.

1003 is seen arriving at Hastings with a steamer blocking the view. In the sidings to the right is a 2NOL EMU with a tarpaulin over the rear unit. This is due to an incident where it collided with a tender of a Schools Class Locomotive.

1304 (Driving Trailer)  is seen entering Lewes on a service from Brighton to Uckfield via Tonbridge

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