Heres a another shot of 1303 at Uckfield.

When the line was closed south of here a new single platform station was built the other side of the crossing.

Another view of 1303 entering Uckfield 

​1303 on the crossing at Uckfield, dont you just love those cars

The first of the class, 1302 is seen arriving at Lewes Station passing Lewes D Signalbox

1302 is seen at Lewes on an Uckfield service, the guard is waiting for a clear signal and the right away for departure

A 3D possibly 1302 leaves lewes on an Uckfield service 01-05064

1303 & 1315 sit alongside each other at Brighton on 06-01-64

1315 leaves Brighton on an Uckfield service on 21 March 1964

A couple of months later another Thumper this time a 3D later to be called a 207 arrives at Brighton 

The Ian D Nolan Collection

Ian took a number of photos of DEMU's in the mid to late 60's, which is the period where not many people took photos of these units. This was the period when they were taking over from steam and were considered a waste of film by many people. Images from this period are rare so we are lucky to be able to share these images

1114 is seen arriving at Brighton on a trip from Horsham on August 8th 1964

4th April 1964

​On this day Ian travelled around the South East where he covered a very large area and in the process he got many shots of 207's

1302 wait's at Brighton on the Uckfield service 05-01-64

Thumpers pass at Alresford, on the left is 1102 on the 10:21 Down service and the other is 1122 on the 10:25 Up

Unit 1121 is on the 11:28 up service at a rather dilapidated Ropley station.

Fortunately this station  looks a lot different now with the passing loop and platform reinstated

1306 is seen arriving at Crowborough

1306 & 1304 are seen at Eridge Station, The island platform on the left is now part of the Spa Valley Railway who operate 1317

Here is 1304 on a down service at Mayfield station

More Watercress is loaded onto the 15:21 down train at Alresford this unit was 1121.
This scene is a little different now as there is a footbridge at the end of the platform and sidings beyond the station.


We would like to thanks Ian D Nolan for letting us use his photographs and all copyright for these images remain with Ian

Also more of Ian's photos can be seen in the article about Chichester to Midhurst Line Centenary

Another view of Crowborough, this time with 1315

A series of photos showing 1101 at Hailsham on a wet August day

At Alton we see 1122 alongside electric unit 7748, a connection was made here fro the Mid Hants line with trains from London and since the revival this practice still continues

The Signalman walks down the platform with the single line token for the section.

The guard appears to be unloading Watercress which is the product which gives the line its famous nickname

Here is 1311 at Lewes , the driver is looking back awaiting the right of way

20th August 1968

On this day Ian found himself in Hailsham and Polegate as he had been documenting the stations and signalboxes.

​The unit of the day was the first of the 205's 1101

1101 approaches Polegate as it passed the B Signalbox

25th January 1973

The Winchester to Alton Line

This day Ian travelled over the line from Winchester to Alton.

Many people will be thinking that this route sounds familiar, well it is because part of it is now the Mid-Hants Railway aka The Watercress Line

When Ian Travelled over the line it was nine days before the line closed