DMBSO 60000 is seen at Treherbert in South Wales at the head of the preserved unit.

On this day it was hired by the Valley Lines to run during the Barry Transport festival where it covered most of Valleys network.

At the present time 60000 has been removed from the main line unit as it requires the Central Door Locking (CDL) for it to run on the national network

60001 is the other DBSO from 1001, it is still in withdrawn condition and is stored at St Leonards, some items have been 'borrowed' for other vehicles including the buckeye coupling on the front.

Many of the trailers from 1001 still need to be restored here is 60500 sandwiched by two other vehicles all in the condition they were in when it was withdrawn.

Another of the unrestored vehicles is 60502 again seen here at St Leonard's in 2012.

60501 has been fully restored and is part of the main line set. it is seen passing through Reading on a tour in 2012

The final vehicle from the original 1001 is the First class coach 60700 (left)  again is in the condition it was in when withdrawn


Unit 1001

DMBSO 60000 & 60001

TSO 60500,60501 & 60502

​TFK 60700

The unit on the main line known as 1001 is actually a hybrid of three units, fortunately all the vehicles from 1001 survive but some are stored in withdrawn condition.

All the vehicles are preserved by Hastings Diesels Ltd and all are kept at St Leonard's Depot.