The final vehicle from 1013 is 60709 which is the First class vehicle from the set.

Like many other vehicles from the unit it is still at St Leonard's waiting to be restored.


In the late 80's/ early 90's before the the preserved unit entered service on the main line a three car unit ran on the Swanage and Kent & East Sussex lines.

The trailer was 60527 which had a very quick repaint before re-entering service and apart from that is still in withdrawn condition.

The next vehicle which will appear on the main line is 60528 which is seen at St Leonard's in 2012 nestled alongside spare engines.


Unit 1013

DMBSO 60018 & 60019

TSO 60527,60528 & 60529


The other DMBSO from 1013 is 60019 which is under restoration at St Leonard's.

work on this is progressing and it is hoped it will be back on the main line some time soon

60018 is now part of unit 1001 and often runs on the main line, it is seen here approaching Tilehurst near Reading in 2012 on a return from a trip to the Dean Forest Railway.

60529 is now part of the main line set and is seen here at Reading