1118 has recently undergone a full restoration back into BR Blue livery which looks superb.

It is seen here being delivered to its new home on the Dartmoor Railway as it is hauled through Credition.

Only the Motor Car from 1118 survived as it is partnered with the Driving Trailer from 1129, both these units were involved in the Cowden Collision  which wrote off vehicles from both units so one unit was made from both.

When first preserved 1118 went to the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway in South Wales but sadly the project leader on the unit passed away and the unit was left in the open on a Welsh hillside which didn't do the unit any favours but fortunately when restored all the rot was cut out and removed and new owner has spent an absolute fortune getting it to its current condition 

The unit was later moved to the Lavender Line and now reside alongside 1133

Unit 1118/205018

DMBSO 60017

A gallery by various photographers showing 1118 during its life