The DTC still survives, the above shot shows it in store at the former Electric Railway Museum, it was later stored at Selhurst Depot, an airfield in Gloucester but has since been transferred to the Swindon & Cricklade line where it is currently being restored for use with the lines 207

When restoration began it was still at St Leonards where it was photographed in 2003 

The Motor car from 1123 was saved by the Hampshire & Sussex Preservation Society (HSUPS) who saved the motor car from the unit along with some other vehicles.

They purchased the motor car from the Hastings Diesels Group who originally purchased it for spares so was in a bit of a rough condition when transferred to HSUPS, sadly the amount of work needed was too much and HSUPS folded and ownership of the motor car was transferred to the Lavender Line who also own 1133.

The long term plan is to build a model railway inside the main saloon aswell as keeping it as a source of spares

Unit 1123/205023

DMBSO 60122

​DTCL 60822