One of the sad sights in preservation is 1128.

Early on in 2005 not long after delivery the American owners of the Dartmoor Railway ran the unit through the catch points at Meldon Quarry resulting in a derailment, instead of repairing the minor damage it was just mothballed  and left to rot.

There has been many attempts to purchase the unit but all have failed. Also at this point I have to say that the people responsible for this are not the Dartmoor Railway Supporters Association who run the passenger services, in fact the DRSA have tried to purchase the unit on many occasions

The above images were taken by Amy Adams at the 'Not the Last Thump' event in 2014 where we had the first line up of two class 205's in public in preservation

Unit 1128/205208

DMBSO 60146

​DTCL 6082