The shots below were taken at The Lavender Line in 2012.

The Motor Car still had a little bit of work to be done but already looked superb in the shed.

Also the trailer car it is operating with is from 1121, the reason for this is due to the high standard of the Motor Car work hasnt yet started on the trailer apart form some basic weatherproofing.

This will be done to the same standard as the Motor and when done the pair will look absolutely supurb

All Images by Amy Adams

The Motor car of 1133 must have the finest finish of any preserved railway vehicle, the finish is even better than anything found at the National Railway Museum.

In 2015 It mad the trip from its home on the Lavender Line to the Spa Valley Railway where it took part in the Double Thump event.

It was the first time in preservation when two units ran together and I cant think of a finer honour for such a fine machine.

These are images of the unit at the event

Unit 1133/205033