Below are a couple of shots taken in 2008 when the unit was in the shed at Cricklade being restored

Unit 1302/207203

DMBS 60127

TSOL 70547

DTSO 60901

Sadly in 2016 60901 was destroyed by arsonists. The vehicle was a total write off but has been replaced by 60822 from 1123

One of the forgotten units is 1302 or better known as 207203 as it was known later in life

It is a regular performer on the Swindon & Cricklade Railway and is out most weekends.

It is famous for being one of the 3 which was converted to run with a former CEP centre car, part of the conversion was to give the unit corridor connections enabelin passengers and Gaurd to walk through the train.

These images were taken at the Not The Last Thump Event in 2014 by Amy Adams

The forgotten vehicle of the unit is 70547, this started off life as part of a CEP unit but added to the unit when it was given corridor connections and it became 207203.

It was originally purchased by a reclamation yard in Hungerford and has since been sold Hungerford Park Farm Shop where its being used as offices