This Unit has been through turbulent times as it originally had body work problems, when it was looked into the dreaded blue asbestos was found so for many years out was stored.

A couple of years ago we heard they were going to dispose of the unit but looking at the Preserved Railways Stocklist website there are the two photos above showing the unit being repaired, so its looking like there is a good future for this unit.

Please not the two images are above are from their site

When 1305 was delivered to the East Lancs Railway it was covered in graffiti so it was given a quick coat of green paint to get it in service.

A few years ago when it came time to give it a decent repaint there was some panel work which needed to be replaced but unfortunately it uncovered the dreaded asbestos and has been sidelined ever since.

These shots by Amy Adams shows it sidelined at Bury Bolton St

Unit 1305/207005/207202

DMBSO 60130

TSOL 70549

DTSO 60904