Next was Swindon where it was doing a fast run through the middle road

Stabled in the old Motorail platform

At Bristol I didn't see it arrive but when I got there it was being prepared to be stabled in the old Motorail Platform.

It had to do a double shunt to enable it to get in there so the above shots are of it doing that shunt

Seen heading up the bank into Reading from the Southern region. 

This section of track is new and only installed during the station rebuild a few years ago.

As I had to get a train 2 minutes after 1001's departure my viewpoint was limited to I took the gamble and used the big lens and I was almost photo bombed by an 800 unit

The Avon Ambassador

My last stop was back in Reading, there wasn't much light left but I managed to get a few shots of the departure

Ready for the return, the unit came out about half hour before departure, giving everyone chance to get photos.

Unfortunately the restoration work on the station covers up Brunel's magnificent arch making it pretty dark

The next stop wast Bath Spa, again it was another big lens shot to see it come over the viaduct into the station 

Next location was Didcot, it had been been held at a signal outside so at this point was running a few minutes late.

It should have stopped here as allowed for a passing train but ran through non stop

The Avon Ambassador 25th March 2023

Unit 1001's trip from Hastings to Bath and Bristol.

As I live in Reading I challenged myself to see the unit in as many locations as possible