The second distraction was a Class 91.

91127 is seen resplendent in the new LNER livery which is closely based upon the 1980's intercity livery, which a number of the class now carry 

The final Distraction was 34046 Braunton and Class 40 D213 Andania

I wasn't too bothered about seeing Braunton but the catch for me was the 40.

It is used by locomotive services but doesn't often come this far South so is probably as rare as the Hastings Unit and being an English Electric product both are from the same family 

The other trains I saw that day.

At the start of the article I mentioned I saw some steam and some other things which prevented me from seeing the entire tour, so I thought as I have mentioned them I should share some photos, so here goes

The Bakers Dozen

Other Trains

The first distraction was Stanier Black 5 44932.

This was seen at Reading on the first leg of the Great Britain XV tour