The Dean Forest Foray ran from its home in Hastings to the Dean Forest Railway via my home town of Reading, so I managed to get shots of in in the area.

The unit often comes through Reading on tours so I try to find different places to see it and this time I saw it at Tilehurst and Early which are tows either site of Reading

The Pullman was Top and Tailed by a pair of 67's  in the Pullman colours, Leading was 67021 and at the rear was 67024.

It was good to see these two trains running side by side and to have both train being flat sided must be rare.

I know which one of these two trains I'd rather be on, Sorry Pullman but its the Green Machine every time

For the return I went down to Early, this is the first station on the Southern line out of Reading and was starting to pick up a fair bit of speed when it came through

The Dean Forest Foray

6th July 2019‚Äč

A heavily cropped shot from a telephoto lens on the approaches to Tilehurst showing not only the Hastings unit but the Pullman which departed Reading ar the same time