Heading back through Dawlish on the return trip 1014 is seen on the famous sea wall

Image by Stapleton Road

It is seen here passing the camping coaches at Dawlish Warren

Image by Southern Reg

Running through to Meldon Quarry on what is now a preserved railway.

This section of line is now The Dartmoor Railway who operate unit 1132.

Image by Stapleton Road

As usual http://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/ have a report and timings of the tour which we have added here

An on time departure from Waterloo and completely clear run down the fast line, with speeds in the high 60s / low 70s, gave on time departures from Woking and Basingstoke. Hard running over the undulating line to Salisbury got the train there 5 early. More hard running, both before and after Yeovil, put the train into Exeter around booked time. After the return trip up to Meldon Quarry the tour was still running near enough to time. It left Exeter 40 late as i had to await crew but no further time was lost down to Paignton. The hour stop there was shortened to 20 minutes to ensure an on time departure. Departure from Exeter was also on time and a fast run down from Whiteball Summit put us 3 early passing Taunton. More good running and we had gained another 5 minutes by Castle Cary. I guess the early running caused the train to be stopped at Westbury rather than running non stop via the avoiding line as booked. Reading was reached in less than a hour from Westbury. The run into Waterloo took 67 minutes even though the train was diverted round the Hounslow loop and with 3 minutes lost to signal checks at and after Clapham Junction.

Timings (Booked & Actual)

Waterloo08.08d [FL]08.08
Clapham Junction08/14½08/14
Hampton Court Jn08/24½08/23
Woking08.35½a ~ 08.36½d08.33 ~ 08.36
Basingstoke08.59½a ~ 09.00½d08.59 ~ 09.00
Worting Jn09/04½09/05
Tunnel Jn09/3809/34
Salisbury09.41a ~ 09.42d09.36 ~ 09.42
Wilton Jn09/4609/45
Templecombe10/14 [ML]10/11
Yeovil Junction10x28 ~ 10x4310.24 ~ 10.47
Chard Jn11/02?
Exeter Central11/3411/36
Exeter St Davids11c37 ~ 11c3911.39 ~ 11.44
Cowley Bridge Jn11/4211/47
Crediton11c48 ~ 11c4911.54 ~ 11.57
Meldon Quarry12.25a ~ 12.35d12.28 ~ 12.47
Crediton13c12 ~ 13c1313.25 ~ 13.26
Cowley Bridge Jn13/2013/34
Exeter St Davids13c23 ~ 13c2513.39 ~ 14.06
Dawlish Warren13/3714/20
Newton Abbot13.48 ~ 13.5514.38 ~ 14.41
Heathfield14.18 ~ 14.2315.03 ~ 15.08
Newton Abbot14/5015/34
Paignton15.05a ~ 16.05d15.49 ~ 16.06
Newton Abbot16/2016/20
Dawlish Warren16/3316/34
Exeter St Davids16c48 ~ 16c5016.51 ~ 16.52
Cowley Bridge Jn16/52?
Whiteball Summit17/11?
Castle Cary17/5217/48
Blatchbridge Jn18/0518/02
Clink Road Jn18/0718/04
Fairwood Jn18/1018/08
WestburyDIV18.10 ~ 18.11
Heywood Road Jn18/1218/13
Southcote Jn19/07½19/06
Reading19.10a ~ 19.13d [ML]19.11 ~ 19.12
Virginia Water19/4419/38
Feltham Jn19/5819/55
Twickenham20/02 [FL]DIV
Barnes20/06 [FL]20/04
Clapham Junction20/1120.09 ~ 20.11

We would like to thanks Southern Reg and Eddie Holden aka Stapledon Road for letting us use their images

The 'Devonian' Railtour

On the 30th April 1983 Hastings Unit 1014 worked a tour through the heart of the Great Western system through to Paignton.

The tour started off at Waterloo working the former Southern route to Exeter where it then travelled on the line to Okehampton and up to Meldon Quarry on what is now the Dartmoor Railway.

From Meldon it turned to Exeter when it headed West on the Great Western main Line down as far as Paignton. After a quick turn round at Paignton it headed back to London, on reaching Exeter it stayed on the Great Western mainline to Taunton then took the 'Berks & Hants' line to Reading which goes via Westbury and only diverting back onto the Southern when it reached Reading.