A couple of shots of 1013 ar Alresford on this historic trip

Images by Clive Warneford 

The Hampshire Hog

20th July 1985

​This tour ran from London Bridge and covered many unusual locations on the Southern Region as the final Hastings units did in 1985.

One of the locations was Alresford which is the terminus of the Mid Hants Railway.

Before the line closed it was run solely by thumpers (Class 205's) but this was the first time a through train had run over the line since it closed in 1973 .

​This was also the first day of operation the single line working between Farnham and Alton

DEMU Used1013

Route : 1Z48 throughout / S.R. headcode 48

as listedLondon Bridge - Bricklayers Arms Jn - Windmill Bridge Jn - East Croydon - Redhill - Shalford Jn - Guildford - Ash - Aldershot - Alton - Alresford
as listedAlresford - Alton - Aldershot - Ash - Guilford - Haslemere - Havant - Cosham - Fareham
as listedFareham - Bedenham Sidings
as listedBedenham Sidings  - RNAD Elson Gate
as listedRNAD Elson Gate – Bedenham Sidings
as listedBedenham Sidings – Fareham – Hamble Road GF
as listedHamble Road GF – BP Refinery Gates
as listedBP Refinery Gates – Hamble Road GF – Southampton Central – Millbrook Dock Entrance – Post Office Depot
as listedPost Office Depot – Millbrook Dock Entrance  - Eastleigh  - (via Eastleigh depot loop) - Eastleigh - Romsey - Dean - Laverstock South Jn - Laverstock North Jn - Andover - Basingstoke - Surbiton - Wimbledon - East Putney - Clapham Junction - Longhedge Jn - Factory Jn - Denmark Hill (via Atlantic Line) - Peckham Rye - South Bermondsey Jn - London Bridge

Notes : 
(1) This was reported as being the first through passenger train to visit the Mid-Hants Railway since the line was re-opened by the volunteers in 1977 (confirmation required).

Sources : David Garnett, Andy Pullar, Greg Beecroft & Chris Ellis

Timings (Booked Only)
(from Greg Beecroft & Chris Ellis)

London Bridge [P7]08.25d
Bricklayers Arms Jn08/29
Windmill Bridge Jn08/38
East Croydon08.39a ~ 08.41d
Stoats Nest Jn08/46
Redhill08.53a ~ 08.55d
Shalford Jn09/19
Guildford09.22a ~ 09.28d
Aldershot North Jn09/42
Farnham09.49 ~ 09.50
Alton10.02a ~ 10.03d
Alresford10.43a ~ 10.52d
Alton11.25a ~ 12.41d
Farnham12.52 ~ 12.53
Aldershot North Jn13/02
Guildford13c15 ~ 13c16
Shalford Jn13/19
Farlington Jn14/05
Fareham14.15a ~ 14.20d
Bedenham Sidings14.35a ~ 14.45d
Elson Gate15.10a ~ 15.20d
Bedenham Sidings15.45a ~ 15.55d
Fareham16.10a ~ 16.11d
Hamble Road GF16.21a ~ 16.29d
Hamble Airfield LC16.30a ~ 16.34d
Hamble Refinery Gates16.39a ~ 16.49d
Hamble Airfield LC16.54a ~ 16.58d
Hamble Road GF16.59a ~ 17.00d
St Denys17/11 [DS]
Northam Jn17/13
Southampton17c16a ~ 17c17d
Milbrook Dock Entrance17/20
Post Office Depot17.35a ~ 17.45d
Southampton18c02a ~ 18c03d
Northam Jn18/06 [UF]
Eastleigh18.15a ~ 18.22d
Eastleigh Depot Loop18/25 [via Depot Loop]
Eastleigh18.43a ~ 18.44d
Eastleigh East Jn18/45
Laverstock South Jn19/12
Laverstock North Jn19/15
Worting Jn19/49 [UF]
Basingstoke19.53a ~ 19.54d
Woking20.17a ~ 20.19d
East Putney20/47
Point Pleasant Jn20/49
Clapham Junction20.52a ~ 20.54d
Longhedge Jn20/57
Factory Jn20/59
Denmark Hill21/03
Peckham Rye21/06
South Bermondsey Jn21/09
London Bridge21.12a

The timings as usual have come from the excellent Six Bells jcn website