The first of the Inner City Express was a little bit of a disaster, It was originally planned to run on 17th October 1987 but was postponed as the pervious day was the infamous storm of 1987 so it finally ran on 14th November 1987.

The plan for the tour was to visit every London terminus. Everything was running ok until late afternoon the train was traversing the line from Willesden Low Level to High Level when the motor car of the 207 derailed cutting the tour short.

The units used were 207004 and celebrity Hastings unit 203001 

The Inner City Express 1

Euston, this was the last photostop before the infamous derailment at Willesden.

Sadly I haven't been able to find any shots of the derailment itself 

Image by 6089 Gardener

I want to thank 6089 Gardener for the use of his photos for this article 

Seen approaching West Ruislip from Paddington where it reversed and headed down to Marylebone, In the background is a Class 118 DMU also on its way to Marylebone

Image by 6089 Gardener

Next stop was Barking where it was reversed and headed down to Liverpool St

Image by 6089 Gardener

Onwards to St Pancras, a quick chance for a photostop even though at this point it was running over half hour late

Images by 6089 Gardner 

Fenchurch St is another of the stops, the unit alongside may look a but Thumperish but is intact a Class 302 25kv EMU

Image by 6089 Gardener

These are the timings for the tour from the excellent Six Bells Jcn website

Location                                          Booked                                  Actual
Waterloo                                        07.48d                                    07.49
Clapham Junction                        07/56                     07.56a ~ 07.57d
Clapham Junction                        08/30                     08.26a ~ 08.35d
Kensington Olympia                   08/40                     08.44a ~ 09.00d
Old Oak Common East Jn          08.50a ~ 08.55.    d 09.24 ~ 09.36
London Paddington                   09.14a ~ 09.24.    d 09.45 ~ 09.51
West Ruislip                                 09.43a ~ 09.47    d 10.11 ~ 10.17
Marylebone                                 10.08a ~ 10.19    d 10.46 ~ 10.47
West Ruislip                                 10.41a ~ 10.45.   d 11.17 ~ 11.22
Greenford Jn                                10/57                    11.30a ~ 11.40d
St Pancras                                     11.35a ~ 11.45    d 12.12 ~ 12.24
West Hampstead Midland         11.52a ~ 11.58.   d 12.32 ~ 12.38
Fenchurch Street                         12.45a ~ 13.03    d 13.43 ~ 13.50
Barking                                          13.15a ~ 13.22    d 14.02 ~ 14.12
Liverpool Street                           13.38a ~ 13.45.   d 14.43 ~ 14.51
Gospel Oak                                   14.04a ~ 14.06   d 15/26
Wembley Central                         14.35a ~ 14.45   d 15.42 ~ 15.45
Euston                                           14.59a ~ 15.20.  d 15.57 ~ 16.24
Willesden Junction LL                 15.34a ~ 15.48.  d 16.37 ~ 16.46

train derails near Kensal Green Jn 16.48a

This scene can no longer be photographed; the tour is seen passing under Scrubs Lane bridge and onto the Old Oak flyover the image is taken from what is now the former North Pole Eurostar depot.