The last image is at Southfleet where by the looks of the overgrown platform the station had been closed for sometime.

London & North Kent No.2

We were recently obtained these images from Ian Cuthbertson on a DEMU railtour on March 21'st 1970 called the London and North Kent No2,

presumably there was a pervious tour which was refered to as No1.

The tour started at Clapham Jcn picking up around South London before headed into deepest Kent .

The units used was the unusual combination of 6B Hastings unit 1033 and 2H Hampshire Unit 1119, apart from stock moves this is the first time I have seen the two classes used together in passenger service

Ian's first shot is 1033 which was taken from the signal box is of the rather desolate station at Grain

The other end of the train had 2H unit 1119 which compared to the Hastings unit looks a little drab in plain blue livery.

Another view of 1033 at Grain, can you imagine enthusiasts being allowed to climb the signal gantry with todays health and safety rules.

The timings for the trip are supplied by the Six bells Junction website

Clapham Junction09.38d09.39½
Balham Jn09/4209/45
Streatham Hill09/4409/49
Tulse Hill09.47a ~ 09.54d09.51½ ~ 10.00
Streatham Common09/5910/05½
Selhurst10/04½10.10½a ~ 10.12d
West Croydon10/0810.15½a ~ 10.18d
Waddon Marsh Halt10/11½10/21
Beddington Lane Halt10.14a ~ 10.16d10/46½
Mitcham Junction10/1810/48½
Merton Park10/24½10.53½a ~ 10.54d
Merton Abbey10.50a ~ 11.05d11.20 ~ 11.26
Merton Park11.16a ~ 11.18d11.30 ~ 11.34
Wimbledon11.21a ~ 11.23d11.41½ ~ 11.42
Streatham Jn11/3011/47
Tulse Hill11/3511/51
Herne Hill11.38a ~ 11.39d11.54 ~ 11.54
Loughborough Junction11/4111/56
Metropolitan Jn12/0312/18½
Cannon Street12.06a ~ 12.14d12.23½ ~ 12.30
Borough Market Jn12/15½12/32
London Bridge12/16½12/32½
New Cross12/2112/39
Woolwich Arsenal12/3312/49
Gravesend Central13/0113/21
Hoo Jn13.06a ~ 13.08d13.25 ~ 13.26½
Grain13.57a ~ 14.20d14.03 ~ 14.25½
Hoo Jn15.10a ~ 15.17d15.15½ ~ 15.19
Strood15.24a ~ 15.25d15.27 ~ 15.28
Rochester15.29a ~ 15.36d15.31½ ~ 15.39
Rochester Bridge Jn15/37½15/42
Sole Street15/4615/53
Farningham Road15.54a ~ 16.00d16.00 ~ 16.11
Fawkham Jn16/0416.15a ~ 16.20d
Southfleet16.14a ~ 16.21d16.31 ~ 16.44½
Swanley16.37a ~ 16.38d17.02½ ~ 17.03
Bickley Jn16/4417/09
Beckenham Junction16/4917/16
New Beckenham16/51½17/18
Cambria Jn17/1117/30½
Factory Jn17/1617.35a ~ 17.35d
Stewarts Lane17/1817/37