The timings are from Six Bells Jcn who have more detailed timings for the day

Enterprise 1

‚ÄčEnterprise 2

We would like to thank Jon Piesing for the use of his photos

Please not the images on this page are copyrighted and the copyright remains with Jon Piesing

At Larne Harbour the unit is seen parked up in the 'Gantry Siding'  with a 450 alongside

Day 1


Belfast Central10.10d
Botanic??.??a ~ 10.13d
Lisburn10.24a ~ 10.25d
Ballinderry10.35a ~ 10.36d
Crumlin10.44a ~ 10.45d
Antrim10.55a ~ 10.56d
Ballymena11.10a ~ 11.11d
Cullybackey11.17a ~ ??.??d
Balleymoney11.39a ~ 11.40d
Coleraine11.50a ~ 12.00d
Downhill12.10 ~ 12.20
Londonderry12.50 ~ ??.??
[old No.2 passenger platform]
Londonderry Station(13.05a) ~ 15.20d
Castlerock15.53 ~ 16.05
Coleraine16.12a ~
Shunt to Up Platform via 323 signal
Coleraine~ 16.25d
Portrush16.36a ~ 16.50d
Coleraine17.01a ~

Shunt to bay platform

Coleraine~ 17.10d
Ballymoney17.20a ~ [Up Platform]
Traverse Up Siding to Down Platform]
Ballymoney~ 17.42d
Ballymena18.06a ~
Shunt to Down Siding
Ballymena~ ??.??d
Antrim18.29a ~
Shunt to NCC siding
Doagh19.14 ~ 19.15
Monkstown19.35 ~ ??.??d
Bleach Green19/40
Belfast York Road20.02a

During a short layover at Castlerock  92 is seen coming off the single branch line

On Day Two the first photostop was at Whitehead.

This station is well know for being the Northern Ireland base of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland  who's rolling stock can be seen behind the gate in the background

At Londonderry there was the option to visit the Foyle valley Railway where an Ex County Donegal Railbus was in use

Ballymena Station.

Above. 96 and an unidentified driving trailer is seen at Ballymena while 98 is seen hiding behind the bushes to the right 

Below. At Ballymena the tour ran into a disused siding where the platform was at ground level giving a few problems when it came to detraining

The Unit used for both days was 80 Class No 98 with 754 as the driving trailer

The above images show the unit at the first photo stop at Downhill

The second stop was at Londonderry Waterside is is seen here approaching the old platform on the left which was closed in March 1980 the unit then shunted over to the the new platform which is on the right

Below can be seen the unit in the old platform with 754 leading.

Day 2

Belfast York Road10.00d
Bleach Green Jn10/07
Magheramorne Loop10/25
Larne Harbour10.32a ~ 10.40d
Larne Town10.42 ~ 10.45
Larne Harbour (Gantry Siding)10.48 ~ 11.00
Magheramorne Loop??.?? ~ 11.08 [Loop]
Whitehead NIR11.14 ~ 11.17
Whitehead RPSI11.20a ~ 11.50d
Carrickfergus??.??a ~ 12.00d
Greenisland12.05 ~
Shunt to siding
Greenisland~ 12.20
Bleach Green Jn12/24
Whiteabbey12.25 ~ 12.30
Bleach Green Jn12/32
Antrim13.20a ~
Shunt to bay platform
Antrim~ 13.40d
Adelaide Yard14.20a ~ 14.50d [No.1 Siding]
Balmoral14.53 ~ 14.56
Belfast Central15/02
CSD Headshunt15.05 ~
via CSD~ 15.40
Bridge End15.42 ~ 15.45
Cultra Siding15.55a ~ 16.10d
Helen's Bay16/14
Bangor16.20a ~ 16.40d [P1]
Helen's Bay16/46
Belfast Central16/58
Parcels Platform17.05a

In May 1990 the Branch line Society ran two tours in Northern Ireland, These were called the Enterprise 1 & 2.

They ran over one weekend enabling people to either chose a specific day or to go for a weekend,one of our contributors Jon Piesing travelled on both tours and it is Johns photos we are showcasing here

Branch Line Society & Northern Ireland Railways

Enterprise 1&2

26 & 27 May 1990