1032 is seen at Birmingham New St where the train reversed en route to Kidderminster.

1032 sat in the sidings at Kidderminster waiting for its return to Hastings. Most of these tours during this time used two units making a 12 car train but this tour was unusual as it only used one unit

1032Hastings - Clapham Junction - North Pole Jn - Old Oak East Jn - Reading - Oxford - Evesham - Worcester - Droitwich - Kidderminster
1032Kidderminster - Stourbridge Junction - Galton Jn - Birmingham New Street - Nuneaton avoiding line - Wigston South Jn - Kettering - Brent Curve Jn - Clapham Junction - Hastings

As ususal we went to http://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/ for tour information but sadly they only have the basic route info, if anyone has the timings of the trip could you please let is know

I want to thank Alan Towner for allowing us to use his photos and without him this is one tour which would have vanished without a trace.


The Severn Valley Rambler

This is another of the unusual Hastings tours which happened in the mid 80's when the Hastings fleet was being run down ready for withdrawal.

These tours took the Hastings units far away from their original routes as they travelled far and wide across the country.

This tour tour ran on October 13th 1984 from Hastings through to Kidderminster where they met the Severn Valley Railway. Sadly the unit didnt traverse the preserved line everyone instead was transferred on to a steam hauled train to travel the length of the SVR.