The Bramley Bunker

1st March 1987

This is a bit of an odd railtour, where at first it sounds like it didn't go very far - only from Basingstoke to Bramley a few miles away.

Its main destination was the former ordinance factory at Bramley with the part of the trip on BR metals to Bramley only taking 6 minutes. The bulk of the tour then took place on the internal rail system of the factory itself.

205033 at the Ordnance Gate platform with 205026 at the rear.

The train was split into two to traverse the site where 205033 is seen at the ordinance sidings

Also of note in this photo is the lightweight concrete sleepers which were used extensively by the military

Both Images in this article by Southern Reg.

Here is some video footage we found of the tour


Bramley Depot GF00.00??.?? ~ 13.4513.41 ~ 13.45
Loco Shed00.02/00.05 RR13.47 ~ 13.5013.48 ~ 13.53
Main Gate00.0713/5213/55

Line D

Curve (L) to Post 300.1413/5914/02
Jct. for Taylors Lane Siding00.2014/0514.04 ~ 14.05
Line A, North End (bridge)00.26/00.29 RR14.11 ~ 14.1414.10 ~ 14.15
Taylors Lane Siding00.39/00.54 PS14p24a ~ 14p39d14.20 ~ 14.30
Jct. for Taylors Lane Siding00.57/01.00 RR14.40 ~ 14.4514.32 ~ 14.35

Curve (R) to Post 3

Curve (L) to South Arches

South Arches (BR Bridge) 01.0614/5114.36 ~ 14.42
Line H, North End (bridge)01.14/01.17 RR14.59 ~ 15.0214.47 ~ 14.49
Jct. Line H and Line E01.24/01.27 RR15.09 ~ 15.1214.53 ~ 15.01

Line E

Ordnance Sidings01.3415/1915/19

Valley Line (Loop)

Ordnance Gate Transfer Platform01.47/01.57 PS/RR15p32a ~ 15p42d15.27 ~ 15.35
Line E
Curve (L) to Centre Arch
Centre Arch (BR Bridge)02.0415/4915/43
Line D
Main Gate02.1015/5515/50
Bramley Station02.13/02.16 RR??
Bramley Depot GF02.2015.58 ~ 16.0515.50 ~ 15.58

Timing Information from Six Bells junction