The Pinner Pieman

20th May 1995

This tour ran in conjunction with the Steam on the Met special of the London Underground

Southern Reg managed to get a number of shots of 205033 around the Chesham and Chalfont areas.

Arriving at Chalfont on the Chesham Shuttle

Waiting at Chesham

Arriving at Chesham.

Note the Pilot from London Underground in the cab, when there is a train which is non Underground running on their metals there must be two men in the cab at all times as the Underground signalling system rely on tripcocks to stop the train.

As a thumper does not have such equipment the second person is there to stop the train in an emergency.

Once again thanks to Southern Reg for the photographs

After the tour was over 205033 remained on the Met to provide Chesham Shuttles. The timings below are from Six Bells Junction


205033 + 205009London Waterloo [P18] - Clapham Jn [P5] - Barnes - Kew East Jn - Acton Wells Jn - Neasden Jn - Neasden South Jn - Wembley Stadium Turnback Siding
205009 + 205033Wembley Stadium Turnback Siding - London Marylebone [P4]
205033 + 205009London Marylebone - Rickmansworth [P2]
205009 + 205033Rickmansworth - Watford Met [P1]

 Notes :
205033 was then used to provide stock for Chesham shuttles in lieu of LUL Metropolitan line "A" stock, part of the "Steam on the Met" event - timings given below for completeness though did not form part of the railtour. Railtour tickets gave unlimited travel on any/all of the services described on this page, plus LUL services between Moor Park, Watford and Amersham.

205033 + 205009Watford Met [P1] - Rickmansworth [P1] - Aylesbury [P2]
205009 + 205033Aylesbury - High Wycombe - Greenford South Jn - West Ealing - Acton Wells Jn - Mitre Bridge Jn - North Pole Jn - Kensington Olympia - Clapham Junction [P3] (1)
205033 + 205009

Clapham Junction - London Waterloo [P17]

Notes (1) Diverted via Clapham Junction due to points failure.

Timings (Booked & Actual)


0.00London Waterloo07.35d07.35d
1.78Nine Elms Jn07/3907/39
2.50Queenstown Road07/4007/41
3.74Clapham Junction07c44a ~ 07c45d07.46 ~ 07.48
9.34New Kew Jn07/5507.58 ~ 08.00
9.73Kew East Jn07/5708/02
10.53South Acton Jn07/5908/04
12.39Acton Wells Jn08/0408/07
12.79Acton Canal Wharf08/0608/09
14.36Neasden Jn08/0808/11
14.61Neasden South Jn08/1908.14 ~ 08.36
16.31Wembley Stadium08.12a ~ 08.17d08.43 ~ 08.49
18.01Neasden South Jn08/19?
23.12London Marylebone08.26a ~ 09.16d09.05 ~ 09.17
32.30Harrow-on-the-Hill09c28a ~ 09c30d09.32 ~ 09.32
39.19Watford South Jn09/3909/41
40.28Rickmansworth09.42a ~ 09.47d09.44 ~ 09.48
42.01Croxley09*51a ~ 09*55d09/53
43.16Watford (Met)09.59a ~ 17.02d10.00 ~ 17.07
46.04Rickmansworth17.08a ~ 17.10d17.15 ~ 17.18
50.34Chalfont & Latimer17/19?
52.37Amersham17.22a ~ 17.24d17.30 ~ 17.31
66.60Aylesbury17.44a ~ 18.10d17.49 ~ 18.10
73.67Princes Risborough18/2318/23
82.08High Wycombe18/3218/32
91.19Gerrards Cross18/4118/41
96.49West Ruislip18/4618/45
98.30South Ruislip18/4818/48
101.33Greenford South Jn18/5319/00
103.42West Ealing19/1419/09
104.27Ealing Broadway19c16a ~ 19c18d19/11
104.70Acton West19/1919/12
105.62Acton Main Line19/2119/13
106.34Acton Wells Jn19/2419/16
108.19Mitre Bridge Jn19/2919/19
108.56North Pole Jn19/3019/20
110.44Kensington Olympia19/3519.27 ~ 19.28
113.15Latchmere No.2 Jn?19/34
113.34Latchmere No.3 Jn19/39DIV
?Clapham JunctionDIV19.35 ~ 19.38
113.51West London Jn19/4119/40
114.75Nine Elms Jn19/4419/41
116.73London Waterloo19.55a19.46a


Additional working, formed by 205033 :
(not part of the railtour)

LocationBooked (out)Booked (rtn)
Watford (Met)11.00d15.56a
Rickmansworth11.09a ~ 11.10d15.47a ~ 15.48d
Chalfont & Latimer11.16a ~ 11.19d15.39a ~ 15.40d

Chesham Shuttles, formed formed by 205033 :

Chalfont & Latimer11.40a12.10axx.40axx.10a15.4015.44


Chalfont & Latimer11.48d12.18dxx.48dxx.18duntil15.18d15.24