Seen on the Swansong tour, the unit is waiting to depart Charing Cross on August 8th 1987

The following month it was seen at Uckfield on 26th September 1987

Both Images by Southern Reg

203001 is another of the Hastings celebrities which lived on a few years.

Origionally all the vehicles from 1011 were used, but after a couple of months two of the trailers were withdrawn and the whole ensemble was painted green.

Many people who remember this unit often mistake it for the preserved 1001 which is running on the main line today, but sadly this one never made preservation.

It often  ran like this on the Marshlink services until May 1990 when it was withdrawn.

It was stored for a few months away from the Southern region at Radyr in South Wales when it was returned to Eastliegh and became a Departmental Unit

One trailer 60522 was formed with a pair of 207 vehicles and came Sandite unit 068 and the other three became Sandite Unit 1067.

For more on these vehicles have a look at the departmentals section on out website

Vehicle,   Type,          Former unit,   Next number,  Departmental No, Dept Unit

60014      DMBSO    1011                 60152               977698                  1067

60015      DMBSO    1011                 60153               977699                  1067

60521      TSOL        1011

60522      TSOL        1011                                         977696                  068                

60523      TSOL        1011                                         977697                 1067

60707      TFK           1011