DTCL 60828

1129 became famous for a few different reasons good and bad during its life 

In 1994 British Rail repainted it in green which made an instant celebrity (click here for more), but sadly a few moths later it was involved in the fatal crash at Cowden (Click here for more).

After the incident parts of 2 units were written off the other unit being 1118 so the remaining vehicles were formed together and for the last 10 years in service the DTC ran as part of 205018.

When preservation came it was taken to the Ponypool & Blaenavon Railway in South Wales where it ran for a few years but sadly the project leader passed away and the unit sat in a siding for a few years until being purchased by a member on the Dartmoor Railway who had it restored by the West Somerset Railway.

It is seen at Credition during delivery to the Dartmoor Railway in 2015

It has since been moved to the Lavender Line

Images by Amy Adams

Below is a shot by Chris Cannon of it when it was at the Ponypool & Blaenavon Railway in 2012